Here please find instructions for paper and poster presenters as well as an invitation to submit to the conference feature of the EBLIP Journal.


Campus map to the Graham Hills Building

There will be prizes for best paper and poster.  These will be selected by the audience (instructions provided at the opening session).


Instructions for paper presenters

  • Papers are organised into time slots (Session A – Session I) of either 1 or 1.5 hours, with 3 parallel sessions happening concurrently within each time slot. Please see the programme and the Session overview for details of slots and timings.
  • Each parallel session will have a Chair who will introduce you, field questions and keep your session to time. You should have received the name of your session chair via email. Please make sure that you are in the room of your session approximately 10 minutes before your presentation to introduce yourself to your Chair.
  • You will have a total of 30 minutes for your presentation, including questions. We suggest you plan to speak for 20 minutes and allow 5 minutes for questions - this will provide us with sufficient time to keep everything on schedule. The Chair will have cards to let you know when you have a few minutes left.
  • Presentations taking place in room GH514 will also be part of the virtual conference programme.  Presentations in rooms GH512 and GH513 will only be available to those attending the conference in person.  The virtual conference should not affect your presentation, as technicians will be available to deal with this aspect.  There may be questions from a remote audience as well as those in the room.
  • Technicians will be available in the room of your presentation during registration and break times.  Please ensure that you seek out the technician at the latest in the break prior to your session to upload your presentation.  Please also bring your presentation on a memory stick with you to your session.  Please make sure your presentation is available in PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) format.


Instructions for poster presenters

  • A list of poster presenters is available here. Please make a note of your poster number on the list.
  • Posters should be available for viewing throughout the conference. Posters can be placed on either Sunday 16th June or from 8.30am on Monday 17th June. Posters will be placed in room GH515 and will be available for viewing throughout the conference.The appropriate board for your poster will be indicated using your number on the list. 
  • Please ensure that any final changes to authorship, affiliation, title or abstract are made via EasyChair by 1st April.
  • Posters should be size A1 (594 mm x 841 mm; 23.4 inches x 33.1 inches).  An A1 sized poster can be placed either landscape or portrait on the board provided. Each poster presentation will be allocated 1 board and pins will be provided.
  • There will be one time slot during the conference dedicated to the posters - Tuesday 18th from 3:30-4:30pm. During this time at least one author should be standing beside your poster and engage with conference delegates who have questions about your work. 
  • There will be a Poster Madness session on the second morning of the conference (Tuesday 18th), at 10.00 immediately following the keynote session. Poster presenters will have one minute (timed with a buzzer to let you know when time is up!) to talk about the contents of their poster to all conference delegates. Poster madness participants are indicated on the list with a *.  This will form the running order for the session. At the end of the Tuesday keynote session, please make your way to the front row where there will be reserved seats for Madness presenters. When you are performing your minute of madness a powerpoint slide (which Alison Brettle will create) will be behind you with your name and presentation title on it. 


EBLIP Invitation to Submit: Feature on the 10th International Conference on Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP10)

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP), a peer-reviewed, open access journal published since 2006, invites you to submit a paper based on your conference proceeding from the EBLIP10 Conference for a feature to be included in the March 2020 issue.

  • Papers will need to be submitted to the ‘Feature’ section of the journal, and may be submitted as a research article, review article, commentary, or “using evidence in practice.” Research and review articles will be subjected to double-blind peer review. All submissions must follow the journal’s author guidelines. An invitation to submit does not guarantee the manuscript will be accepted for publication.
  • If you have already submitted or published your paper in another journal please decline this invitation. EBLIP only publishes manuscripts not previously published in any journal.
  • Submission deadlines:
    • Expressions of interest: July 15, 2019
    • Papers due: September 1, 2019
  • The collection of papers from the 2019 Conference will be published together in the issue along with an editorial by the guest editor. Contact guest editors Diane Pennington and Alison Brettle with your Expression of Interest or questions.
  • To submit your manuscript, please review the types of papers published and ensure that both the content and format conform to the journal’s Author Guidelines for articles. The document should have all identifying information removed to ensure blinding during the peer review process. If you do not already have an account with the journal, you must first Register as an author, then go to Submissions to upload your manuscript for consideration in the ‘Features’ section of the journal. In the ‘Comments to the Editor’ section, please indicate that your submission is for consideration in the Feature on EBLIP10.
  • Information about Evidence Based Library and Information Practice is available at